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Position: Associate Professor, Department of Photonics and Communications
Engineering, Asia University (TAIWAN) 500, Lioufeng Rd., Wufeng,
Taichung 41354, Taiwan.
Education: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan,
Academic Interests:Automatic Control, Signal Processing, and Computer Networks.
Honors: Distinguished Teaching Awards in 2009, 2011, and 2015.
Contact Information: hjko (at) asia.edu.tw



List of Publications

Part A: Refereed Journal Articles

  1.  Hsien-Ju Ko and Wen-Shyong Yu,”Guaranteed Robust Stability of the Closed-Loop Systems for Digital Controller Implementations via Orthogonal Hermitian Transform, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part B (SCI , EI) , vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 1923-1932, 2004.
  2.  Wen-Shyong Yu and Hsien-Ju Ko,”Improved Eigenvalue Sensitivity for Finite-Precision Digital Controller Realizations via Orthogonal Hermitian Transform,” IEE Proceedings-Control Theory and Application (SCI, EI), Vol. 150, No. 4, pp. 365-375, July 2003.
  3. Hsien-Ju Ko, “Stability Analysis of Deigital Filters under Finite Word Length Effects via Normal-Form Transformation,” Asian Journal of Health and Information Sciences , vol.1 no.1 pp.112-121, April 2007.
  4. Cheng-Chi Lee, Rui-Xiang Chang, and Hsien-Ju Ko “Three-party Encrypted key Exchange Protocols with Perfect Forward Secrecy,” International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science(SCI), vol. 21 no. 6 pp.979-991, 2009.
  5. Wen-Shyong Yu , Hsien-Ju Ko* and Cheng-Chi Lee “Analysis and Design of the FWL Digital Observer/Controller Implementations: Eigenvalue Sensitivity Approach,” International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (SCI, EI) 2010.  *corresponding author. vol.6 no.9, pp.3961-3987, 2010.
  6. . Ching-Haur Chang, Kang-Ming Chang, and Hsien-Ju Ko , “Removal of random noises for ECG signals using adaptive noise canceller without reference input,” International Journal of the Physical Sciences, vol. 6 no. 24, pp.5699-5705, 2011. (SCI)
  7. Cheng-Chi Lee, Hsien-Ju Ko*, and Shun-Der Chen, “An improved simple user authentication scheme for grid computing,” Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences & Cryptography, vol. 15, no, 2&3, pp. 105-111, 2012. (EI) *corresponding author.
  8. Hsien-Ju Ko and Kang-Ming Chang, “Wireless Sphygmomanometer with Data Encryption,” Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering vol. 234, pp. 3-9, 2013. (EI)

Part B: Refereed International Conference Papers

  1. Shien-Ru Ko and Wen-Shyong Yu,Stability Analysis of State Regulator Systems with Finite Word Length Effects,The 2000 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation (IECON-2000), Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.
  2. Hsien-Ju Ko and Wen-Shyong Yu, ”Finite wordlength effects analysis of a digital neural adaptive tracking controller for a class of  nonlinear dynamical systems,” IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Hawaii, USA, May 2002.
  3. Hsien-Ju Ko and Wen-Shyong Yu, Sensitivity minimization for controller implementations: Fixed-point approach,” American Control Conference (ACC 2004), Boston, Massachusetts, July 2, 2004
  4. Hsien-Ju Ko and Wen-Shyong Yu,”A Novel Approach to Stability Analysis of Fixed-Point Digital Filters under Finite Word Length Effects,SICE Annual Conference 2008, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan, August 20-22, 2008.
  5. Hsien-Ju Ko, “An improved Approach to Stability Analysis of Fixed-Point Digital Control Systems under Finite Word Length Effects,” SICE Annual Conference 2010, Taipei, Taiwan.


  1. 中華民國發明專利:適應性線性時變濾波方法 (IIR ADAPTIVE FILTERING METHOD) 專利證書號(I503687),公告日2015/10/11,專利期間:2015/10/11-2033/08/07
  2. 中華民國發明專利:同時具備低複雜度及高強健性之無限脈衝響應濾波方法 (LOW COMPLEXITY AND HIGH ROUBUSTNESS IIR FILTERING METHOD) ,公告日2016/01/11,專利期間:2015/10/11-2034/03/12

Selected Research Grants

  • PI, Computationally Efficient and Highly Robust Digital-Filtering System Synthesis: A Case Study for Mini ECG Denoising Problem. Granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan under Contract no. 104-2221-E-468 -009. Total grants: NTD $426,000
  • PI, Physiological signal processing for telemedicine: measurements, transmission, filtering, and encryption. Grated by National Science Council in Taiwan under Contract no.100-2221-E-468-005. Total grants: NTD $310,000, 2011-2012.
  • PI, Anslysis and optimal design of the digital control systems with finite word length effects. Grated by National Science Council in Taiwan under contract no. 96-2221-E-468-008, 2007-2008. Total grants: NTD$264,000,.
  • PI, Development of U-healthcare PDA, granted by China Medical University, 2008. Total grants:USD$300,000
  • Co-PI, Management of campus security using RFID technology, granted by Ministry of Education in Taiwan, 2009. Total grants: NTD$4,438,710
  • Co-PI, Development and Applications of Power Quality Monitoring Techniques for Electric Power Transmission System(2/3), grated by National Science Council in Taiwan under contract no. 100-3113-P-194-001, 2012-2014. Total grants: NTD $18,840,000
  • Co-PI, Development and Applications of Power Quality Monitoring Techniques for Electric Power Transmission System(1/3), grated by National Science Council in Taiwan under contract no. 100-3113-P-194-001, 2012-2014. Total grants: NTD $19,269,000.
  • CO-PI, U-healthcare over IPv6, granted by Taiwan Network and Information Center (TWNIC), 2006-2007. Total grants: USD$1,020,000


  • Referee, IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, IET Proceedings-Control Theory and Applications.
  • Consultant, Da Fon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
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